Tempted by December (Under His Tree #1) Read Online Nichole Rose

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Her Christmas wish? Rosy-red cheeks and the man of her dreams.

Alaric Parrish
I’ve been tempted by December Rhett since the moment I set eyes on her.
I want her curves wrapped in a bow and nothing else for Christmas.
But the shy intern wants nothing to do with me.
Until she sees something she shouldn’t have.

December Rhett
All I want for Christmas is Alaric Parrish.
He’s been the man of my dreams since I was a teenager.
But taking a job at his company was a terrible idea.
I’m not who he thinks I am…but I land in his bed anyway.

This holiday season, we’re bringing you a steamy instalove collaboration hot enough to melt the North Pole. These hunky hotties are in for a great shock when each one finds Ms. Right in the most unexpected of places. Under His Tree.
Curl up in front of the fireplace as these Christmas beauties teach their men a few timely lessons in giving and receiving on their way to a steamy holiday-ever-after.

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Chapter One


"You did what?" I stare at my stepsister, Jillian, in bewilderment, convinced this is it. This is the time she's gone too far and dragged me with her. I'm going to spend Christmas with a cellmate who makes beer from fermented apples in a bathroom stall and shivs people in the cafeteria for an extra bologna sandwich.

"I sent your photo and designs in with my application," Jill says with a shrug, tossing her long blonde hair off her shoulders. "It's your dream internship, not mine."

"I thought that's what you said." I collapse onto the edge of my twin bed, my legs too weak to hold me up. My fingers land against my overheated cheeks as I gape at her, not even sure where to begin with this one.

Jillian has been getting me into trouble since the day we met. We've been inseparable since my mom went to work for her dad when I was seven. Our parents fell in love, and the rest is history. Mostly.

It's complicated.

My mom died three years after they got married, leaving me behind. Jillian's dad became my guardian. Jillian and I get along great, but her dad and me? Not so much. He loves me, but I think he wishes I were more like Jillian and less like me. We're both curvy, though I think I'm more mousey than beautiful like Jillian. But that's not the problem. He's the freaking mayor. She's everything a politician's daughter should be. I'm not even remotely close.

She's vivacious and graceful and can make a friend out of anyone. I'm clumsy and awkward and never know what I'm going to say or do next. Maybe that wouldn't be a problem if her dad, Cory, wasn't a career politician, but he is…and I've inadvertently made it harder for him since I was a little girl.

I'm a freaking disaster. My mouth and awkwardness have thrown a wrench in the works more than once. Like the time I accidentally told a reporter that I thought he was doing a terrible job at addressing a lot of the issues facing the city. It wasn't what I meant to say! Or the time I spilled an entire plate of spaghetti Bolognese on the governor. Or the time I basically knocked Senator Howard down the steps, and someone caught a picture of his toupee flying off.

Naturally, when I asked Cory for help getting the internship at Daphne Parrish & Co, he blew me off. But when Jillian asked for help securing the same internship opportunity, he jumped to pull strings to get her in at the hottest plus-size fashion house in Los Angeles. He wants to make friends with Alaric and Blaze Parrish, not enemies, and he's afraid I'll screw everything up for him. Alaric and Blaze are billionaires who've taken the world by storm since they took over the company after their mother, Daphne, died five years ago. Cory needs that kind of star power on his side if he wants to make a run for governor during the next election cycle.

All Jillian had to do was fill out the paperwork, and the internship was hers. Her dad will lose his mind when he finds out about this. And he will find out. He always finds out. He knows everything about everything.

"Call them and tell them there was a mix-up, and the wrong photo got attached to your application," I demand.

"Too late," Jillian sing-songs, dancing across our tiny one-bedroom apartment on her tiptoes. "I sort of sent it a week ago. You start tomorrow."

I stare at her in horror. "I do not."

"You do." Her bright blue eyes meet mine in the mirror across the room. "You're going to be me for winter break, December."

I had a feeling she was going to say that.

"I'm going to throw up."

"No, you aren't." She spins around to face me, her lips pursed in a look I know all too well. Jillian Rhett has made up her mind.