The Cowboy (Silver Spoon MC #3) Read Online Loni Ree, Nichole Rose

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Series: Silver Spoon MC Series by Nichole Rose

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The hunky cowboy roars into my life and turns things upside down but I won’t go down without a fight.

Is he smoking hot? Heck yes.
Does staring at his muscular body make my girly parts sing? Oh, yes.
Does the arrogant jerk make my blood boil? You know it.
Did he step into my floral shop and steal my heart? I’m trying to ignore that little tidbit.
So why am I making him work for it? Because I refuse to roll over and let the big jerk have his way without a little fight. He’s going to have to put in the effort to win me.
If the hot, wealthy biker is going to catch me, he’s going to have to learn a few lessons along the way.
The little sassy-pants florist is going to run me insane.
Do I have time to chase after her? No way. Between my club and my busy ranch, I’m catching myself coming and going.

Nichole Rose and Loni Ree are bringing you the Silver Spoon MC Series and these aren’t your typical MC romance stories. Nichole and Loni like to keep things light. Come along with us on this wild instalove ride.

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“True cowboys are the ones who aren’t afraid to get dirty.” – Lane Frost


It’s only midway through the year from hell and I’m ready for it to damn well end. Bad karma attached itself to us earlier this year. The sheriff showed up at the ranch with an arrest warrant for our new prospect, and then everything went to shit. The MC chose the little asshole as a favor to his big brother, the mayor of Silver Spoon Falls. Unknowingly, we took his problem off his hands and created a mess for ourselves. Brady and his brother neglected to tell us about the prospect’s past legal trouble, and our standard investigation didn’t pick it up since a small-town judge only listed the warrant locally. When the MC President, Jason “Cash” Montoya, cornered the dipshit, Brady finally explained the situation to us. Two years ago, he started a bar fight that destroyed the fucking place. The lucky bastard was only sentenced to a few days in jail and restitution, but in true moron fashion, he skipped town while still owing the bar owner twenty thousand dollars. The judge issued a local warrant for his arrest that was lost in limbo. The county recently updated its computer system, reissuing all outstanding warrants nationally. Hence, the sheriff looking for Brady.

Cash, the CEO of his family’s investment bank, happened to meet his soulmate the week all the shit hit the fan with our dumbass prospect, which started a whole other firestorm. The President has his panties in a twist trying to tie Hadley to him and doesn’t have the time to deal with the moron. Tate “Hands” Grimes, our VP, is a pediatric surgeon with a busy practice, and he’s up to his eyeballs in alligators, too. So, long story short, that left me, the club enforcer, to handle the “Brady issue.” Cash asked me to hire our pain-in-the-ass prospect at the ranch, and I couldn’t refuse my friend and MC President, but Brady, the little asshole, gives me plenty of reason to regret agreeing to Cash’s suggestion.

Between babysitting the moron and keeping everything on the ranch afloat, I’m catching myself in both directions. Months after the shit storm began, I’m still trying to dig myself out of the “always behind” hole.

The Silver Spoon Ranch has been in my family for generations, and I love it, but the huge spread is too big for me to manage alone. It’s time to hire a foreman to take on some of this load. I scan the emails from the headhunter and rub the back of my neck. Fuck. I need to hire someone to hire my foreman.

The sound of my cellphone ringing is a welcome distraction. “Hello.” I don’t pay attention to the number flashing on the screen before answering.

“Uh.” Her smoky voice both soothes my soul and sends hunger shooting straight for my cock. “Is this Cowboy?”

It takes me a good ten seconds to respond, and I realize I’m acting like a horny teenager. I don’t even know who the hell is calling. She could be some middle-aged librarian for all I know.

“It is.”

I sit back in my well-worn office chair and glance out the large picture window. My ranch office is situated on the left side of the barn, giving me the perfect view of the main corral and the back pasture. I watch the prospect fighting to control the tamest horse on the ranch and rub the back of my neck. Brady is about to get his foolish neck broken. Dumb fucking moron. Blinking, I refocus my attention on the angel chattering away in my ear.

“This is Kyra Eaton, Hadley’s sister.” Oh. I’ve heard all about the Pres’ soon-to-be sassy pants sister-in-law. The brothers that have met Kyra describe her as beautiful and terrifying—my two favorite things in the world. “Cash gave me your number.” Fuck me with a wooden spoon. I knew I was forgetting something. I agreed to help her transport the wedding flowers to the ranch. “I wanted to see when you’ll be coming by to help me load the flowers.”

I blow out my breath, realizing my foreman hunt will have to wait for another day. Cash’s wedding is this weekend, and I’m on tap to help with the whole shindig. “What time do you need me?” My words wobble from the pressure of my cock begging to hear her voice again.

“Can you be here at five-thirty tonight? I’ll need help most of the evening.” I mentally cringe at the thought of unloading fucking flowers for the rest of my Friday night. Hadley and her twin sister, Kyra, own the only floral shop in Silver Spoon Falls. The twins moved here to run Petal Pushers several months ago when their great-aunt died. Since the ranch keeps me occupied and I don’t send flowers to anyone, I haven’t ever visited the shop. “Thank God, Cash and Hadley decided against having a rehearsal dinner,” Kyra groans, bringing me back to the conversation. “I’ve been busting my ass all week and I barely got these arrangements ready. I never would’ve finished if I had to go to a dinner tonight.” As she chatters away, her voice flows through my body. “Uh. Are you still there?”