Two For The Win (Forbidden Fantasies #81) Read Online S.E. Law

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I adore my boyfriend. Trig’s athletic with broad shoulders, a wide chest, and six pack abs that could cut glass. Even better, he’s open-minded and indulges me in all my dirty fantasies. But as a red-blooded alpha male, is Trig open to taking the next step? After all, I’m a naughty girl with particular desires … including a huge crush on an older man who’s utterly forbidden. Rae’s a sweet, yet innocent little thing. She thinks she knows what she’s doing, but the brat doesn’t realize that there are many layers to her boyfriend. I’ve seen the way Trig’s blue eyes gleam when I step into the room, and how that muscular body hardens. As a result, there’s only one way for the tension to play out, but first things first. Trig and I need to convince the curvy girl that one man may be nice … but two for the win is even better. Holy smokes! Are we really delving into MMF romance? Yes indeed! Not only are Hunter and Trig gorgeous alpha males, but they’ve got a taste for the forbidden, and that means that Rae’s in wayyyy over her head. But there’s something extra-filthy about men who indulge right? Inhale, take a deep breath, and then hold it because you’re going to need A LOT of oxygen to get through this naughty story! This book is a follow-up to Three On One (Carrie’s Story) AND Punished By My Mom’s Boyfriend (Peyton’s story), but as always, all of my books are standalones and do not need to be read in order. put this down right now if you’re faint of heart because the forbidden scenes are off the reservation.

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My boyfriend enters me from behind, making me moan.

“That’s it,” Trig growls, his hands firm on my hips as he pushes forward. “Relax, baby. I’m big but you’ve taken me hundreds of times before.”

His words are true because Trig and I have been dating a couple months now. We met at a party at his place when his older sister, Xenia, invited me to their shindig. Xenia and I are co-workers at Apple Tots, and I was happy to get the invitation because I actually really like her. With some co-workers, the relationship never goes beyond idle chitchat on shift. But Xenia and I have become real friends, in addition to co-workers, and I was excited about the invite.

Even better, the party is where I met Trig. He and Xenia share an apartment, and so of course, her party was also his party. Trig and I hit it off immediately because let’s face it, he’s hot. The man’s got dark, almost black hair, bright blue eyes, and a smirk on his face that can be alternately charming and arrogant. It makes me want to smack him sometimes, but then he gives me his dick and soon I forget my threats of violence.

After all, Trig is endowed endowed. He’s at least nine inches, and it feels so good whenever he’s inside. His pole is meaty and girthy at once, and the first time I took him, I cried out so loud that he handed me a pillow.

“Shh, baby girl,” he chuckled hoarsely from behind, his massive torso bare as his hips churned with powerful, penetrative force. “Other people are going to hear, so bury your face in the cushion. Try not to make a sound.”

I wasn’t offended because my body was shaking with need, and by then, I was past the point of caring. After all, I didn’t make Trig wait to take me. Instead, my boyfriend and I had sex in his bedroom the very first day we met, with other partygoers milling about outside. I wanted him so bad that it was totally worth it, and I don’t regret slithering out of my clothes in his room before mounting that enormous shaft and bucking like a cowgirl gone wild. I didn’t care if Xenia could hear, or if anyone else could hear, for that matter. Trig was so handsome and compelling that I was desperate to feel his cock inside. It’s shocking behavior, I know, but that’s the kind of girl I am.

After all, we don’t have that much going on in tiny Oakdale, Illinois. It’s a small suburb of Chicago, but still light years away from the big city in style and feel. Whereas Chicago has massive skyscrapers and busy city streets, Oakdale is made of tracts of suburban homes with really only one main drag. Whereas Chicago has all sorts of divey, eclectic ethnic restaurants, Oakdale has the Classic Diner and Yana’s Taqueria. We don’t even have a McDonald’s because we’re so small! As a result, I need to get my jollies off another way … and my addiction is men.

It's true. I want to say that I’m a pure, virginal woman who would make a good mother and wife, but the fact is that I’m a naughty girl brimming with filthy desires. I have no idea where this deep craving comes from because what could have caused it? Yes, I’m from a divorced family, but lots of kids have divorced parents and turn out totally normal. Yet there’s something wrong with me. I crave cock, and I can’t think or function if I’m not getting it as often as I need.

Fortunately, Trig’s a good sport, and not only that, but he’s a horny asshole too. We meet a couple times a week for romps in the sack that last three to four hours at a minimum, complete with multiple orgasms and lots of seed spilled everywhere. More often than not, I reappear from his bedroom with my hair askew and clothes rumpled, only to have Xenia throw me a knowing look.

“Are you okay?” my buddy often asks with an amused tone. “I swear, I heard so much screeching and screaming that I was getting worried about you, Rae. Seriously, I was wondering if I should call the cops.”

But I’m not even embarrassed. Most times, I just push my curls out of my face and smile beatifically.

“Oh yeah, I’m good, thanks for asking,” I say. “Now, is there any of that cereal left? Because Lucky Charms are my favorite.”

As a result, life is good. I work at Apple Tots during the day as a Pre-K teacher, and then I take off around three p.m. or so to run errands or browse the local bookstore. Most nights though, I meet up with Trig for dinner, and then we repair to his bedroom for some heavy fucking where I’m taken in all of my holes, just the way I like it. Most mornings, I wake up in his bed sore and achy, with his seed caked on the corner of my mouth or the inside of my thighs, and I love it.