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The Soldier's Baby (Forbidden Fantasies #19)

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Misty is spoiled. Her parents left on vacation and gave her money to entertain herself while they’re away. But Misty doesn’t want money. She wants Jordan, the handsome, muscular soldier next door with the charming smile and a body hardened from war. The curvy girl will do *anything* to get him, including sunbathing in a skimpy bikini while her neighbor works in his yard.

Jordan Slate is a rough and tough veteran. Back from Afghanistan, the handsome man’s hoping to find peace and calm in the routine of small town life. But when his next-door neighbors take off, they leave their teen daughter alone at home flashing those generous curves made for sin. Fortunately, Jordan’s just the man to teach the sassy girl a lesson or two by making her squeal … while putting a baby in her belly!

Pull out the big guns because Misty’s the type of girl who deserves what she gets, and fortunately, there’s a gorgeous military man next door ready to give her a tasty lesson. Sparks fly high and hot in this filthy story and there’s a twist you’ll never believe. Let’s just say Jordan is a James Bond-type, and Misty gets her chance to be a Bond vixen as part of the deal. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always a HEA for my readers.
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Forbidden Fantasies Series by S.E. Law

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I already have my bikini on under my dress as I see my parents off this morning. I have no plans for the summer besides lounging by the pool – and I plan on getting straight to it.

Mom gives me some cash and one of her credit cards while Dad goes through the usual spiel on how to reach them in case of an emergency. This is all standard protocol as they frantically rush around, getting everything ready as the driver patiently waits on the street out front. Raul has been with us for many years and knows exactly what to expect from my parents on travel days. I’m surprised he hasn’t started bringing a book with him to pass the time.

But things were iffy for a while because of this crazy thing called the coronavirus. The world seemed to shut down, full stop. But now, borders are open again and Mom and Dad are ecstatic. The minute the State Department removed that yellow warning, they booked their next trip abroad without any hesitation whatsoever.

Which brings us to the present moment. Mom and Dad are headed to Azerbaijan for the next two months, leaving me with the house to myself. It’s a little strange because Susan and Mark never think twice about taking off even if it means I’m home alone. But I like it, and honestly, I’m used to it. My parents have been doing this since I was a little kid. It’s just that back then, they’d hire a nanny to care for me. Now, I’m all alone and the privacy is pure bliss.

I suppose it’s because we trust each other. My parents know I’ve got nothing to hide, and they let me do practically whatever I want even when they are home. I’m their only daughter after all, and Susan and Mark love me deeply; they just want me to be happy, and if it means that they get to be hands-off parents, then all the better.

I am somewhat surprised that they’ve never planned a trip for all three of us though. Susan and Mark try to enrich my life in every way possible, and they love to talk about how their experiences abroad have expanded their horizons. But somehow, it’s just the two of them each time. Maybe they see this as a honeymoon of sorts? I don’t mind if it is. After all, I’m happy with my life here in Millbrae, and it’s fine to be alone as they rekindle their love for one another.

I guess it helps that my parents have plenty of disposable income too. Daddy’s job helps a lot in that respect. He’s in the import-export business which allows him to mix work and play while making loads of money. Plus, my mom is a lady who lunches, so she has the time to plan detailed itineraries to make the most out of each trip.

This vacation, however, is a bit different. Susan and Mark are going back to our home country to visit with family and friends. Ethnically, Dad is Azerbaijani and Mom is Russian, although we live in the United States now. It’s a long story, but my parents met in in the old country, had me, and then decided to move here. They wanted me to grow up in the new world, and to experience the best life has to offer. Frankly, I have no recollection of our old lives because all I can remember are the bright, sunny skies of the United States.

Finally, my parents disappear in the car, and I head inside to make myself a morning mimosa. My parents don’t mind if I drink once in a while, so long as it’s in our own home. Hell, the drinking age is eighteen in Azerbaijan anyways.

I dance my way through the kitchen as I make my way to the back patio. I stop before the door to pull off my floral coverup revealing a tiny yellow bikini underneath. I love the color buttercup because it reminds me of the sun, warm air, and good times. I linger, momentarily indulging in my own reflection in the glass pane of the back door.

God, I am sexy.

Some people may find this strange, but I get turned on seeing my curves in the mirror. I’m not ashamed to acknowledge how hot I am. I’ve got creamy skin with big bodacious hips, and a set of luscious Double D’s stacked above them. Naturally voluminous and bouncy dark curls cascade down my back, stopping just before reaching my butt. And if my thick, soft lips don’t turn a man on, my big brown bedroom eyes surely will. Giggling, I give my breasts a little jiggle in the reflection as I walk out the door, silently amusing myself.

I step out onto the patio, inhaling the scent of the aromatic lavender and sage bushes surrounding the brick landing. I look out over the beautiful yard, seeing the pool, the water fountain, and the various flowers that our gardener works so hard to cultivate.